There are times when one encounters a book that is frustrating in a way particular to the intellectual life: that is to say, when one encounters a book that is precisely the book one wanted to write. Given the relative obscurity of my interests, this does not happen often to me, but Zak Cope’s Divided World, […]


The reformed Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) recently held its seventh general convention. It was the first such event since it formally split from the revisionist Unified Communist Party of Nepal last summer. During and immediately after the convention, the CPN-Maoist vowed to carry forth a strategy of ‘people’s revolt.’ They also took the opportunity […]


One effect of global imperialism on the peoples of the world is the increasing decline of language diversity.  In the efforts to bring the world into a monolithic whole many local indigenous languages are declining and even disappearing.  According to the Endangered Languages Project over half of the world’s 7,000 known languages are in danger […]


The occupation of Alcatraz by indigenous activists from 1969 to 1971 was a pivotal event in the history of Native resistance.  It brought attention all over the world to the national oppression faced by the indigenous peoples of Amerikkka. Now this history is being preserved as it should be. From Yahoo! News: Putting graffiti in […]

The PKK, Kurdistan Workers Party, has been leading the peoples war for decades for the liberation of the Kurdish people from oppression by its Turkish occupiers.  It had setbacks many years ago with the capture of their leader Ocalan, but the struggle is protracted and continues on many fronts.  Recently three Kurdish leaders were killed […]

I have written before about the increased conflict in Mali, and the goals of the imperialist powers to get a greater foothold in Africa.   Now it looks like France, the former colonial occupier of Mali, is conducting military actions in the country under the typical pretense of “terrorism.” From The Telegraph (U.K.): French helicopter gunships […]