Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement

What is RAIM?

The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement (RAIM) is a collective of revolutionary communist organizers, activists, artists, and technical workers based in the imperialist countries.

Our aim is to build public opinion internationally in support of Third Worldism and People’s War, and to build and defend oppositional political cultures and independent institutions of the oppressed within “the belly of the beast” as part of world revolution. We want the complete dismantling of imperialism and the victory of the proletariat in revolution. Ultimately, we want communism – the end of all oppression and exploitation.

Where we differ from many other communist organizations is in our analysis of global class relations. We understand that a majority of people in the core imperialist countries are embourgeoisfied, receiving surplus value extracted from workers around the world, and having a mode of life that alienates them from the proletariat. We understand that this means most people in imperialist countries have a strong community of interests with imperialism. We thus hold that any communist organizing in the imperialist core must be based on a concrete assessment of “Who are our enemies? Who are our friends?” and how class dynamics have been shaped by imperialist parasitism. Additionally, we support national liberation of oppressed nations in tandem with a global dictatorship of the proletariat of oppressed nations as a means of dismantling imperialism, alongside the complete liquidation of settler states like the “united states” or “kanada” through the national liberation of internal colonies.

What do we want?

RAIM is united around the following principles:

1. We want communism

  1. We want to end class oppression.
  2. We want to end national oppression.
  3. We want to end gender oppression.
  4. We want to end disabled oppression.

2. We want socialism

  1. A dictatorship of the proletariat is necessary. This means in socialism, the proletariat is in command and humyn needs take precedence over profit.
  2. Revolution must continue during socialism, both in the economic base of society and in the realm of culture and ideas. A new bourgeoisie must be prevented from seizing power.

4. We want Global People’s War

  1. “Two, Three, Many Vietnams.” Surround the global city from the global countryside. Cut off the flow of surplus value, drain the empire.
  2. Within the oppressed nations, Protracted People’s War.

3. We want Global New Democracy

  1. Globally, a joint dictatorship of the proletariat of oppressed nations, overseeing reparations from the imperialist core to the oppressed nations.
  2. Within the oppressed nations, the proletariat and its class allies dismantle neocolonialism.

5. We want partisans behind enemy lines

  1. We want to break the social peace within imperialist core countries, while uniting all who can be united against the imperialist state.
  2. We want to build global public opinion in support of Global People’s War, Global New Democracy, socialism, and communism.
  3. We want to build and defend independent institutions of the oppressed, which generate both the material capacity for class struggle and the oppositional culture necessary for public opinion building.

What do we do?

Practically, RAIM exists as a collection of cells. These cells can be divided into two categories: on-the-ground cells and media-based cells. On-the-ground cells are involved in building public opinion in support of Third Worldism through practical work and agitation, working toward building independent institutions of the oppressed which challenge the material and cultural hegemony of the bourgeoisie, and building coalitions with other like-minded groups and individuals with worked-out line differences. Media cells are, as the name implies, primarily involved in media projects.

RAIM cells are somewhat independent and are responsible for making decisions for themselves without needing to wait for orders from a central command. All RAIM cells are, however, united around RAIM’s cardinal principles.

Our on-the-ground cells are primarily in North America, but we also have contacts and members in other imperialist countries around the world.

Get involved!

There are a million reasons to oppose capitalism-imperialism but only one solution: revolution. But revolutions do not just happen spontaneously. They require the dedicated efforts of an advanced element representing the proletariat. RAIM exists to push forward the subjective forces of global new democracy, socialism, and communism. Yet what we are doing so far is only the beginning. And we need your help.

Through our various on-the-ground and media cells, RAIM provides a number of ways for people to get involved. We strongly encourage those who find agreement with our cardinal principles and are looking to do something to get in contact with us.


Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. What is your groups history with regards to the wanderings of the Maoist left since the 1960’s, in particular with the RCP and their spinoffs? Your analysis is reminiscent of the Prairie Fire Organizing Committee material from the 1970’s, do you have affiliations that go back to that movement?

    • This question is understandable. RAIM’s program is similar contains lines as documents released by the PFOC and Weather Underground Organization. RAIM was founded in 2007 and has never been organizationally affiliated the the PFOC.


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