Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement

What is RAIM?

The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement (RAIM) is a collection of revolutionary communist organizers, activists, artists, technical workers, and sympathizers based in the United States and Canada.

Ideologically, RAIM upholds the revolutionary tradition of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. However, we differ from many modern Maoist and communist organizations in our analysis of global class relations. We understand that a majority proportion of people in core imperialist countries are historically an embourgeoisfied vanguard of the global labor aristocracy, a section which is prone to defending capital. We additionally support the national liberation of oppressed nations in tangent with a global dictatorship of exploited and oppressed nations as a means of politically liquidating settler-imperialist countries like the United States and Canada.

Revolution will come to the US and Canada as part of a general process of global defeat for US-led imperialism. RAIM exists to develop the subjective forces necessary for the eventual seizure of power away from US-led imperialism as part of a world-wide upsurge of proletarian revolutionary struggles.

9 Point Program

What We Believe:

1) Under the current capitalist-imperialist system, a majority of humynity located primarily in the peripheral Third World is ground down and exploited by a minority of imperialist-led classes which are numerically and socially dominant in core-zone First World economies. The contradiction between the masses exploited by imperialism and the minority of classes which benefit from imperialism is primary today.

The masses of the First World are typically net-exploiters whose incomes are above the value they create. This is accomplished primarily through global wage scaling and imperialist exploitation of Third World peoples. ‘Super-wages’ for a minority of the global workforce has the economic function of saturating wealth in First World core-zone economies and an ideological function of transforming the masses in these economies into agents of global oppression and capitalist-imperialism.

Understanding class dynamics is essential to Marxism as a revolutionary science. The formation, relation, and reproduction of classes is not some passing question, but has far-reaching implications for those who want all-around revolution… Continue reading

5 Organizing Principles

Dedication: Revolutions do not come easily. Rather, they require a variety of factors, including a determined force of collective vanguard elements composed of quality cadre… Continue reading

What is Maoism (Third Worldism)?

Maoism (Third Worldism) is a theoretical culmination of historical revolutionary practice, a science of understanding the world so as to change it. It is the Marxism of today.

Maoism (Third Worldism) includes several historical and new paradigmatic shifts in understandings regarding class struggle. These include:

1) All hitherto history is the history of class struggle! Maoism (Third Worldism) reaffirms historical materialism, i.e. that the struggle between groups over their relationship to the means of producing and distributing wealth is the chief factor which shapes history… Continue reading 

Seize The Time Theory and Analysis Magazine

Seize the Time is the official theory and magazine of the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement. Released quarterly to annually, it features a variety articles and essays on news, economics, history, and organizational practice… Continue reading

After Sorrow Comes Joy News and Commentary Magazine

Coming 2014..


There are a million reasons to oppose capitalist-imperialism but only one solution: revolution. But revolutions do not just happen spontaneously. They require the dedicated efforts of an advanced element representing the proletariat. RAIM exists to push forward the subjective forces of global new democracy, socialism, and communism. Yet what we are doing so far is only the beginning. And we need your help… Continue reading