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The CIA Terrorist Network, part 4 of 6

Nacro-Terrorism for Uncle Sam According to US law, the CIA budget is subject to legislative approval. In order to bypass the scrutiny and effort of such procedure, the CIA has been known to seek additional funds through narcotics trafficking. The CIA’s status as narco-terrrorists began early in its existence according to researcher Paul Berez, “[I]n […]

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White Supremacy: Exploring the Contours of Race and Power in Amerika

It is widely believed that white supremacy is a racist ideology- of hatred promoted by marginal extremist organizations like the Ku Klux Klan or the Aryan Nations. Often overlooked and neglected in this view are the structural inequalities that ensure the continued supremacy of whites over non-whites in all facets of social life. Also conveniently disregarded are the more subtle, yet frequent and numerous, manifestations of white supremacy that are woven into the fabric of Amerikan culture. In this sense, white supremacy is just as much of a social reality as it is an ideology. Indeed the two often go hand in hand. There are many white people who hold supreme positions in the social hierarchy, over and above the masses of non- white people, without consciously adhering to any white supremacist ideology. This essay will explore the complex reality of white supremacy in Amerika, examining its existence in the social structure, analyzing its cultural expressions, considering some of its ideological forms, and finally investigating its causes.

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Political Islam in Egypt

Following the 2011 ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings which toppled long-time ruler Hosni Mubarek, various forces of Egyptian society have emerged in an ongoing contest over social and political power. Of these forces, one of the most prominent has been that of organized Islam, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood. How did Islam come to Egypt and how has it manifested itself in modern organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood? What has been its role in Egypt since independence, and what role will political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood likely play in the future?

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The CIA Terrorist Network, part 3 of 6

CIA Terrorism, Dirty Wars and Destabilization in Latin America during the 1980’s One of the hallmarks of terrorism is the use of violence against civilians. The CIA network, to defend and extend the dominant order, has used violence against civilians in countries around the world. A notable example is the dirty wars carried out in […]

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Printable PDF: After Sorrow Comes Joy

After Sorrow Comes Joy [May 1st, 2012] Contents: Understanding the Coup In Mali Betty Friedan and Simone de Beauvoir’s Conflicting Ideas on Women’s Empowerment Death Squad Coordinator Robert Ford Keynotes Amnesty International Annual Meeting No justice for Trayvon Martin under this system On the Kony 2012 campaign, Afghanistan Massacre, and the Double Standards of Human […]

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Excerpt: “What is to be done”

A portion of the following quote from Lenin’s 1902 essay, What Is To Be Done, is widely cited as an insight into his thought on revolutionary struggle. Hence, the following excerpt is posted for critical discussion. What did Lenin mean here? Were these casual references to something otherwise apparent today? Or do his statements reflect […]

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Update on, Our Work, Etc.

Recently, a number of people have asked what is about, what we see ourselves doing, how they can help or work with us, etc. These are all very valid question, especially considering the changes the website has undergone over the past year. In order to answer these questions, it is helpful to go into […]

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The CIA Terrorist Network, part 2 of 6

Attempts by the US to ‘rollback’ peoples’ democratic gains against capital did not end. After World War II the subsequent years became known as the Cold War, but could better be described as a Third World War: one waged by capital (through the CIA, conventional military means, propaganda, NSSs, etc) against Third World people and anyone perceived as a threat at the systemic level.

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Settler-Imperialism and Stolen Lands: Radical Interpretations of United States History

The history of the United States is far from idyllic. Yet today, US history is viewed positively by those of a variety of political and philosophical persuasions. More surprisingly, this position taken up by many on the Amerikan left. How is this accomplished, and why? What underlies a ‘left-wing patriotic’ view of history, and what are the effects and larger ramifications of such a view? Conversely, what is a radical interpretation of history and what does it entail? What do these differe historical analyses tell us about the past, and why is the latter so important for future revolutionary struggles?

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The CIA Terrorist Network, part 1 of 6

It is not hyperbole to describe the CIA network, which includes the interests it serves and those through which it operates, as the world’s most wide-spread, sophisticated and well-funded terrorist network today. Particularly, the CIA promotes violence and other tactics internationally as part of efforts to sway opinion in ways that enshrine policies favorable to the commercial interests of the United States and its allies. The CIA could be described as a US-centered terrorist group in service to capital.

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Understanding the Coup in Mali

The recent coup in the west African country of Mali continues to play out.   On March 21st 2012 a rebel faction of the nation’s military took over the elected government over internal disputes in the region.  The military faction, naming itself the Committee for the Reestablishment of Democracy and the Restoration of the State, […]

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Betty Friedan and Simone de Beauvoir’s Conflicting Ideas on Women’s Empowerment

Betty Friedan is often credited with founding second wave feminism, what is today sometimes mockingly referred to as ‘white, middle-class feminism’ or ‘bourgeois feminism.’ Beyond whatever rhetorical value can be found in such phrases, what do they mean? What is the implication of Friedan’s work in relation to other outstanding social relations besides gender? More […]

Mexican National Liberation Events in Denver

Beyond Chicanismo presents: Cointelpro101 (Film screening following by panel discussion with Ricardo Romero, Priscilla Falcón, Francisco “Kiko” Martinez.) Monday, April 16th, 11am-2pm St. Cajetan’s at Auraria Campus and Resistencia Mexicana teach-in: “Mexican liberation through decolonial education” Thursday, April 20th, 6pm Sisters of Color United for Education (2895 W. 8th Ave, Denver)

Eight Myths Behind Kony 2012

This video does an excellent job of highlighting some of the problematic aspects of the recent Kony2012 campaign and Invisible Children documentary. As always, posting here does not imply endorsement or affiliation and is for educational and discussion purposes. -Nick

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Death Squad Coordinator Robert Ford Keynotes Amnesty International Annual Meeting

The former US Ambassador to Syria, Robert S. Ford, presented part of the keynote address during the 2012 Amnesty International Annual General Meeting, held in Denver, Colorado between March 30th and April 1st. While AI made sure to keep the appearance of Ford under wraps from the public, it was mentioned by supporting media prior […]

No justice for Trayvon Martin under this system

Throughout the United States, public outcry and mass outrage have grown over the murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by ‘Neighborhood Watch Captain’ George Zimmerman. Martin, a Black youth in Sanford, Florida, was killed by Zimmerman, 28, as he walked home from a convenience store. City and state officials have thus far refused to arrest or […]

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Towards the Fifth International

This essay by Samir Amin discusses the possibility of forming a revolutionary Fifth International. I’ve abbreviated it for brevity and presentation and to give folks the opportunity to read it in full at the Third World Forum website, where is was originally published. As usual, re-posting here does not imply endorsement or agreement, but is […]

Decapitate the system

The eagle is one of the more recognized amerikan emblems with this fierce bird of prey  gracing the one dollar bill. The symbol, and the money it is printed on, represent amerikan imperialism.

Infographs on Global Class Structure: ‘Minimal Minimum Wage’

The following graphics offer an interesting relational comparison between different social groups in modern society. Such comparisons, despite their acute relevance, are often missed by most sections of the First World and Third World left. Images originally produced by the Propaganda Times.

The Army Sergeant and Lovelle Mixon – Mass Killings, Race and State Power

On Sunday morning, March 11, an Army Sergeant walked into an Afghan village and went house-to-house killing 16 civilians, 9 of them children.  The Sergeant then took most of the bodies, including those of four little girls, and set them on fire.  Once his identity is known, there surely will be much discussion in the coming week about […]


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