Eight Myths Behind Kony 2012

This video does an excellent job of highlighting some of the problematic aspects of the recent Kony2012 campaign and Invisible Children documentary. As always, posting here does not imply endorsement or affiliation and is for educational and discussion purposes. -Nick

amnesty March 31

Death Squad Coordinator Robert Ford Keynotes Amnesty International Annual Meeting

The former US Ambassador to Syria, Robert S. Ford, presented part of the keynote address during the 2012 Amnesty International Annual General Meeting, held in Denver, Colorado between March 30th and April 1st. While AI made sure to keep the appearance of Ford under wraps from the public, it was mentioned by supporting media prior […]

No justice for Trayvon Martin under this system

Throughout the United States, public outcry and mass outrage have grown over the murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by ‘Neighborhood Watch Captain’ George Zimmerman. Martin, a Black youth in Sanford, Florida, was killed by Zimmerman, 28, as he walked home from a convenience store. City and state officials have thus far refused to arrest or […]

first_international March 26

Towards the Fifth International

This essay by Samir Amin discusses the possibility of forming a revolutionary Fifth International. I’ve abbreviated it for brevity and presentation and to give folks the opportunity to read it in full at the Third World Forum website, where is was originally published. As usual, re-posting here does not imply endorsement or agreement, but is […]

Decapitate the system

The eagle is one of the more recognized amerikan emblems with this fierce bird of prey  gracing the one dollar bill. The symbol, and the money it is printed on, represent amerikan imperialism.

Infographs on Global Class Structure: ‘Minimal Minimum Wage’

The following graphics offer an interesting relational comparison between different social groups in modern society. Such comparisons, despite their acute relevance, are often missed by most sections of the First World and Third World left. Images originally produced by the Propaganda Times.

The Army Sergeant and Lovelle Mixon – Mass Killings, Race and State Power

On Sunday morning, March 11, an Army Sergeant walked into an Afghan village and went house-to-house killing 16 civilians, 9 of them children.  The Sergeant then took most of the bodies, including those of four little girls, and set them on fire.  Once his identity is known, there surely will be much discussion in the coming week about […]

kony2012 March 15

On the Kony 2012 campaign, Afghanistan Massacre, and the Double Standards of Human Rights Imperialism

The recent Kony 2012 video that has gone viral all over the internet has been talked about almost everywhere as of now.  With over 70 million views and counting the 30 minute video by Invisible Children is unprecedented in its dissemination through social media, especially from those who do not usually engage in politics.  The […]

Rock-The-Lips March 08

“Rock the Lips” and International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. So the question arises, how do you end oppression? Why, just change your profile pic! Of course, you have to wear red lipstick be really effective.  This facebook trend, asking people to change their profile pic to one of them wearing red lipstick, is just another instance of hipster activism, […]

Tributary Roots of Historical Islam

Islam’s roots and early significance lie in the changing conditions of 7th and 8th century Arabia. Not united by a single ethnic-religious formation prior to its development, through its pronouncements on religion, social and legal philosophy, early Islam sought and succeeded in creating a trans-tribal authority and source of identity through which later Arab and […]

Anti-Imperialism at the 2012 Art of Social Justice Conference

The Art of Social Justice Conference is a free event hosted by the Collective for Social Change, being held April 10th-12th in Denver, Colorado at the downtown Auraria campus. Word is, some relevant panels and presentations will include: “Colonialism as ‘self-determination’ in the UN Declaration of Indigenous Rights.” (Tuesday, 10am. Tivoli 440) “Settler Imperialism and […]

Yasiin Bey- N****s in Poorest

Yasiin Bey, formerly known as Mos Def, flips the script in this response to the Jay Z and Kanye West song, N****s in Paris. We support the appropriation of cultural forms such as hip hop for liberatory purposes. In this case, Bey challenges ideas of sitting at the table of oppressors and the adoption of […]

Syria’s Uprising in Context

Since the beginning of the unrest in Syria, “the government has said that while some protesters have legitimate grievances, the uprising is driven by militant Islamists with foreign backing.” [1] This hardly squares with the view of Western state officials and media commentators who say that an authoritarian regime is killing its people and violently […]

Obama: The New Face of Western Imperialism

This following video of an interview by historian and author Webster Tarpley offers an interesting, geo-political perspective on modern dynamics related to imperialism and militarism. Posting here is for discussion and additional perspective and does not imply uncritical agreement.

Remarks on Marx’s Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844

Wages and class struggle Karl Marx’s opening line in the first chapter of Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844 states that, “wages are determined by antagonistic struggle between capitalist and worker.” (p. 19) This opening line is often cited by nominal leftists as explanation for exorbitantly high wages of many workers in the United States […]

Language imperialism – ‘democracy’ in China

If you are an American or European citizen, chances are you’ve never heard about shengren, minzhu and wenming. If one day you promote them, you might even be accused of culture treason. That’s because these are Chinese concepts. They are often conveniently translated as “philosophers,” “democracy” and “civilization.” In fact, they are none of those. […]

Workers at Indian tea plantation starve to death

At least 11 workers at a tea plantation in the north-east Indian state of Assam have died due to starvation or malnutrition recently. After the privately-owned tea plantation closed in October of last year, its owner fled and refused to pay the workers’ wages from the previous nine weeks. Left without any means of subsistence […]

The concept of the vanguard in revolutionary struggle

Amongst Marxists, it is widely recognized that specific classes and groups play leading roles in movements, social struggles and revolutions. The recognition of these leading forces, one that proceeds from historical record and inference, is often described in terms of the vanguard. As well, those revolutionary struggles which, when faced with reactionary violence, coalesce into […]

Two tasks for the global revolutionary movement

Recently, there has been a some discussion about potential changes in contemporary class structure, and how this could lead to potentially increasing social unrest. Assuming minor shifts in global power dynamics between marginally independent class blocs (western monopoly capital, the national monopoly capital of BRIC countries, third world comprador bourgeoisie, the First World labor aristocracy) […]

cultural_revolution_poster January 26

Call for contributions

Anti-Imperialism.com is seeking qualified assistant editors and contributors to help us continue to build a strong presence into 2012 and beyond. Our readership has more than doubled in the past year. In order to continue this trend and to continue publishing quality original material, we need help: mainly with things like copy editing, line vetting, […]


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