By now everyone is aware of what is happening in Flint, Michigan with the recent coverage of the toxic water supply in the city. Virtually everyone has called for action by the governor to do something about the potentially deadly crisis. It would appear that there has been little to no effort by the government for […]


On January 13th, an article by Glenn Greenwald appeared on The Intercept. The article gives various examples of the chauvinistic reaction by the US mainstream media to the detaining of two US Navy ships by the Iranian government after the ships entered Iranian territorial waters, which is rightfully criticized by Greenwald. The article makes an […]

Fortress Europa

The “Migrant Storm” The European “refugee crisis” is getting worse by the day, as thousands seek the relative “safety” of Europe, having been forced to flee their ravaged countries under the shadow of western intervention and exploitation. Unmoved by their plight, Europe wants as little to do with the refugees (but as much to do […]

‘The Revolution is Dead, Long Live the Revolution,’ Prince Kapone featuring La Nena and La Java A3 Vida From the album “Prince Kapone Presents… The Revolution Is Dead, Long Live The Revolution (Live From Habana).”

On December 4th, 1969, Amerikan pigs assassinated Fred Hampton, chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party.  The Black Panthers were the most influential revolutionary organization in the U.S. at the time, and a leader of the Black liberation struggle then.  On this anniversary of that fateful day we honor and remember the […]

Dear Anti-Imperialism.com, Some of my peers and even teachers claim that violence and war are part of human nature and that nothing can be done to change this. What is your response to this? Comradely greetings, [name withheld] First, thanks for the question and for your support. A far too common assertion for those benefiting […]

Check out this great song and accompanying video from Ryan Harvey: Lyrics: One cup of coffee, $1.50 Guy who picked the coffee Didn’t get three He’s stuck in the belly Of an industry That doesn’t care about people Working on the hills On stolen land Picking at the earth Through the scuff bare hands Sweating […]

Turning The Tide editor Michael Novick recently did a series of monthly commentaries on “Freedom Now,” hosted by Dedon Kamathi on Pacifica radio’s KPFK-FM (90.7 in Los Angeles, 98.7 in Santa Barbara; online at KPFK.org) Tuesdays at 8:00 PM PST. Here is the text of December’s commentary. Posting here does not imply uncritical agreement or […]

Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Marandi speaks about Eurocentrism in Academia at the International Conference on Academic Imperialism which was held at Al-Zahra University in Tehran – Iran – May 2010.

“Repeat after me. I am a revolutionary.” These words shot from Fred Hampton shortly before he was assassinated by the Chicago police on the morning of December 4th, 1969. He was part of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, a revolutionary organization which was repressed and then co-opted by forces of reaction. Since then, […]

Antonio on Lowkey’s Obama Nation (antiimperialism.wordpress.com) Lowkey is a British rapper, his mother being of Iraqi Arab descent. The title of the song is Obama Nation, pointing out that Obama is a war criminal like every other US president. Lowkey correctly links the current imperialism of the United Snakes with its brutal colonial history and […]

The Expendables: An Action-Packed Thrill Ride for Chauvinist Pigs http://www.antiimperialism.wordpress.com The Expendables (2010, Stallone) is a reactionary movie in which a cast of pigs must go ‘behind enemy lines’ into the Third World. The plot was minimalist, and the characters, all played by big-name action stars, were largely forgettable. Despite this and in no small […]

RAIM-Seattle on the recent WTO 10 year anniversary The imperialist media hype around the recent slayings of police (the enforcers of empire) in the Seattle and Lakewood, and the predictable show of support for the kkkops by the general cracker population, overlaps the ten year anniversary of the “Battle of Seattle”.  RAIM-Seattle doesn’t believe in […]

(http://raimd.wordpress.com) “We want a better world. We want a world based on equality and mutuality. We envision a future in which the full potential of humanity is realized: one without unequal power relations and one of ecological harmony. Creating such a world is our common cause.” Such is the revolutionary refrain. However pious the statements […]

The myth of the all-powerful richest 1% While it is true that the ruling class of ultra-rich are the ultimate enemy of the world’s people, the fact that they are the current “ruling class” does not magically keep them in power- nor does it mean that they are solely responsible for maintaining their rule. If […]