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1214 December 30

Not All Lives Matter, So Stop Pretending

Introduction Antonio Martin, 18, was shot dead by police Tuesday night during an altercation at a gas station only miles away from Ferguson, Missouri; the city where unarmed Michael Brown, 18, was shot dead by (legally absolved) Officer Darren Wilson. Michael Brown. Tamir Rice. Eric Gardner. Antonio Martin. The list goes on. Indeed, the victims […]

40s mao calligraphy April 18

Oppose Stereotyped Party Writing

[The following is a speech against stale, lifeless pronouncements utilizing decrepit and vacuous language delivered by Mao, February 8th, 1942. Credit to for source.] Comrade Kai-feng has just stated the purpose of today’s meeting. I now want to discuss the ways subjectivism and sectarianism use stereotyped Party writing (or the Party “eight-legged essay”) [1] […]

Remember Fred Hampton

On December 4th, 1969, Amerikan pigs assassinated Fred Hampton, chairman of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party.  The Black Panthers were the most influential revolutionary organization in the U.S. at the time, and a leader of the Black liberation struggle then.  On this anniversary of that fateful day we honor and remember the […]

Is Violence and War Part of Human Nature?

Dear, Some of my peers and even teachers claim that violence and war are part of human nature and that nothing can be done to change this. What is your response to this? Comradely greetings, [name withheld] First, thanks for the question and for your support. A far too common assertion for those benefiting […]

Ryan Harvey, “Global Economy”

Check out this great song and accompanying video from Ryan Harvey: Lyrics: One cup of coffee, $1.50 Guy who picked the coffee Didn’t get three He’s stuck in the belly Of an industry That doesn’t care about people Working on the hills On stolen land Picking at the earth Through the scuff bare hands Sweating […]

Yankee Go Home

All Power to the Positive!

Wake Up, God Dammit! Check out All Power to the Positive!, hosted each week by Sensei Greg Lewis and Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist, Jake Brown.

Video Post: Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Marandi on ‘Orientalism’ in Academia

Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Marandi speaks about Eurocentrism in Academia at the International Conference on Academic Imperialism which was held at Al-Zahra University in Tehran – Iran – May 2010.

Video Post: Hawai’i vs. the US


On Stolen Land and Borrowed Time

RAIM Protests Teaklanners and Amerikkka

RAIM Protests Teaklanners and Amerikkka ( The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement has always been in the lead of militantly opposing the most reactionary aspects of Amerikan society while bringing to bear larger contradictions. This was certainly the case during the ‘Tea-Party Tax Day Protest’ and concurrent ‘Tea Party Against Amnesty,’ held at the Colorado State Capitol […]

RAIM Global Digest Issue 4

RAIM Global Digest Issue 4, July 8th, 2009 Contents: -I-70 Expansion Indicative of Wider Imperialist Parasitism – Review of “The Old Future’s Gone: Progressive Startegies Amid Cascading Crisis,” a talk by Robert Jensen -RAIM-Denver: Class Today and the Struggle for a New World -Arghiri Emmanuel: The North-South Division -Pigs on a Rampage in Denver Area […]

Class Today and the Struggle for a New World

( “We want a better world. We want a world based on equality and mutuality. We envision a future in which the full potential of humanity is realized: one without unequal power relations and one of ecological harmony. Creating such a world is our common cause.” Such is the revolutionary refrain. However pious the statements […]

Hamas Official Calls For International Justice Against U.S and Israel

Hamas Official Calls For International Justice Against U.S. and Israel ( Speaking in Malaysia, a senior Hamas official, Sami Abu Zuhri, called for the United States and Israel to be brought to trial for widespread destruction in the Gaza Strip. The charges stem from Israel’s 22-day assault on Gaza, which killed over 1,300 Palestinians. Efforts […]

Fuck The Troops

The myth of the all-powerful richest 1% While it is true that the ruling class of ultra-rich are the ultimate enemy of the world’s people, the fact that they are the current “ruling class” does not magically keep them in power- nor does it mean that they are solely responsible for maintaining their rule. If […]


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