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Boat Migrants Risk Everything for a New Life in Europe:  African asylum seekers rescued off boats and taken aboard an Italy navy ship, June 8, 2014. July 07

Clarifying some concepts of revolutionary struggle

By M. Esters and N. Brown In the course of discussions over the past several months, it is clear that a number of misconceptions about Maoism (Third Worldism) are being circulated by friend and foe alike. In an effort to clear up major confusion, this document will deal with some of the major concepts that […]

40s mao calligraphy April 18

Oppose Stereotyped Party Writing

[The following is a speech against stale, lifeless pronouncements utilizing decrepit and vacuous language delivered by Mao, February 8th, 1942. Credit to for source.] Comrade Kai-feng has just stated the purpose of today’s meeting. I now want to discuss the ways subjectivism and sectarianism use stereotyped Party writing (or the Party “eight-legged essay”) [1] […]

the-race-for-raw-materials September 26

On Inter-Imperialist Rivalry and ‘Eastern Imperialism’

Discussion has been sparked by a recent article posted at about the situation in Syria. Particularly, some of the feedback questioned to the nature and existence of Russian and Chinese imperialism. The following is part of a correspondence which briefly deals with the development of monopoly capital outside of the post-WWII trilateral bloc of […]

th_PanAfricanismMedalion May 22

Red Salute for African Liberation Day

May 25th, this Saturday, is African Liberation Day. Events to mark the occasion are being held around the globe, including many in occupied North America. Building on the legacy of 20th century national liberation struggles, African Liberation Day seeks to advance the struggle against neo-colonialism and an imperialist system which continues to pillage Africa. A full account […]

marx_peace May 22

Dear RAIM, What is revisionism and how is Marxism a science?

Dear RAIM, The term revisionism has always been confusing to me, not just because re-visioning something sounds like a pleasant experience of creative imagination. But more seriously, I understand revisionism as watering-down or modifying theory to gain more popularity, basically abandoning aspects of the theoretically correct analysis for one purpose or another. However, I also […]

syria-cannibal-3_1728028a May 19

Video shows US-backed opposition fighter cannibalizing Syrian soldier

By Alex Lantier  A gruesome video posted on YouTube shows Khalid al-Hamad, the leader of the opposition Farouq Brigade, desecrating the corpse of a Syrian soldier, cutting out his internal organs and biting into one of them. The video makes clear the barbaric character of the Sunni Islamist militias Washington has mobilized in its proxy war against […]

tea party May 15

Fall From Grace: The Euro-Amerikan Struggle Against the Federal Government

There is a widespread distrust, if not outright hostility, towards the federal government in the United States today. It can be seen in the increasing popularity of the Tea Party Movement, the rapid growth of armed patriot militias, and heard in the daily political discourse of ordinary Americans. It should come as no surprise that […]

CorporateEarth2 May 10

Surplus in Economic Systems

One of the most fundamental aspects of society is its economics system, i.e. the mode of production. At the basic level, a mode of production is the means (physical objects) and social relations with which societies produce the material necessities for their existence. All societies must be sustained with food, clean water, shelter, etc. Attaining […]

communist_emblem_by_party9999999-d56m4k2 May 08

Three new books available now

Associates of are aiming to launch a more sufficient publication and distribution arm through this year: Red Zone Publishers. In preparation, we are releasing three which are available now. CIA Terrorism in the Third World is an edited version of a series of articles originally posted on Combined into a single publication, it gives […]

Immigration Marches Los Angeles May 03

Report from Denver May Day ‘Immigration Reform’ March

May Day is an annual international holiday for workers and oppressed peoples, and around the world this day was marked with militant demonstrations against capitalism and imperialism. A march and rally was also held in Denver focusing on immigration reform, and it was vastly different. Radical communities in the city did not organize an event […]

tumblr_mldhatgm7y1qap9gno1_500 April 19

A Terrifying Silence and Order in Boston

Last Monday, two explosions occurred near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Many people are injured and some killed in what has been described as an act of terrorism. Bostonians and others around the country describe themselves as being in a state of shock over the event. Louder than the twin explosions and chaos […]

Four points on Hugo Chavez, Bourgeois Nationalism, the United Front, Socialism, and the Struggle for Communism.

The news of the recent passing of Hugo Chavez has swept through nominally leftist circles over the past week. Due to his leading stature in contemporary anti-hegemonic struggles, many organizations and websites (including posted commemorations. Now that the news has settled, Chavez’s death affords and demands a discussion on various aspects of the revolutionary […]

Scientists to First World: Cut Back Meat Consumption

From The Guardian (UK): Halve meat consumption, scientists urge rich world UN study says horsemeat scandal exposed dark side of cheap meat and shows how farming practices destroy natural world Fiona Harvey, environment correspondent The Guardian, Sunday 17 February 2013 People in the rich world should become “demitarians” – eating half as much meat as […]

communist_emblem_by_party9999999-d56m4k2 January 14

New Third Worldist Webforum: R/peoplesliberation

Comrades, Today is the opening day of the second semester of People’s Liberation University, a series of local and online study groups initiated by comrades associated with Along with the re-opening of PLU, we are pleased to announce that we creating an ‘open campus’ environment where anyone (with some obvious qualifications) can participate. The […]

Commodification and democratization of bourgeois privilege vis–à–vis the expansion of personal services under imperialism

Marx defined productive labor as that which produces surplus value. Under these conditions, laborers whose work does not produce surplus value for a capitalist are not exploited in any technical sense. Not so much Marx’s error, but that of whose who claim his legacy, is to conflate the realization of value with the production of […]

palestine-reduction-native-American-conquest August 30

The Covert War Against Native Americans

The following article by Ward Churchill originally appeared in Covert Action Information Bulletin, Number 24 (Summer 1985), pp. 16-21. As always, reposting here is for critical discussion and does not imply endorsement or affiliation by or the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement. There is a little considered aspect of the covert means through which the United States […]

sanyika1988 August 20

Get up for the downstroke: a responce to ‘Black Liberation in the 21st Century, a revolutionary reassesment of Black nationalism’

The following is a polemic by Sanyika Shakur of the New Afrikan Independence Movement against the positions held by the Kevin Rashid Johnson and the New Afrikan Black Panther Party. While we certainly don’t agree with the entirely of Shakur’s piece, including his self-defeating shallow one-liners against Stalin and the USSR, we are  reposting it […]

cultural_revolution August 01

Introducing The People’s Liberation University

This month marks the launch of the People’s Liberation University, an ongoing study group project aimed at accelerating political development, creating a space for collaborative initiatives, and developing an environment for critical discourse within the international revolutionary anti-imperialist community.

On the Relationship Between Revolutionary Communists & Bourgeois Nationalism

This article was originally published on the Marxist-Leninist blog Return to the Source, republished at The Speed of Dreams.  Despite the misconceptions of many so-called Marxists and other leftists, nationalism has been at the center of liberation struggles in recent history, and a weapon against imperialism when wielded by oppressed peoples.  This is also relevant […]

ciaafrica May 29

The CIA Terrorist Network, part 5 of 6

The CIA Today: Drone Warfare, Destabilization and the New Scramble for Africa One of the CIA’s most well-known ongoing operation is the coordination of bombings by unmanned drones. These high-tech terrorist operations, sometimes coordinated directly with the US military, are carried out remotely from far away sites like the Pentagon, the public headquarters of the […]


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