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dare-to-win-issue-2-cover-large1 April 25

Dare to Win #2 Out Now

Dare To Win is the news and analysis magazine of the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement. We encourage cadre and comrades to download, print, and distribute Dare To Win on the streets and at protests and other political events. Download Issue 2 now.

1526974_231189873719175_1810854649_n January 31

The Weapon of Theory, now available in print

Our recent release, The Weapon of Theory: A Maoist (Third Worldist) Reader, is now available both in print and as a free PDF. Next to Zak Cope’s Divided World, Divided Class: Global Political Economy and the Stratification of Labour Under Capitalism, The Weapon of Theory aims to be the definitive overview of the Marxist analysis […]

1371243_623775714340893_1411800689_n September 19

Seize the Time #5, Out Now

Right click, Save As PDF)

Support_The_United_Front_Against_US_Imperialism_flier_p1 May 08

[Updated] ‘Support The United Front’ Flier

On May Day, we posted a flier to promote support for the global united front against imperialism. Here is an even better version (PDF 4×4)

Support_the_United_Front_Against_US_Imperialism_flier_p1 May 01

RAIM May Day Flier

Support_the_United_Front_Against_US_Imperialism_2 x 2 double-sided flier  Support_the_United_Front_Against_US_Imperialism_2 x 2 double-sided flier 

Out Now: ULK Issue 31

“MIM(Prisons) is a cell of revolutionaries serving the oppressed masses inside U.$. prisons, guided by the communist ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.” Issue No. 31 March 2013 Featuring: Building Lumpen Movements

RAIM: Seize the Time # 4

Right click, save, print, read, learn, distribute, smash imperialism!

cultural_revolution December 25

Beginning January 14th: Winter Semester of People’s Liberation University.

People’s Liberation University will be launching its winter semester on January 14th, 2013. All genuine groups and individuals are welcome to participate. People’s Liberation University promotes an environment of critical inquiry and radical discussion and aims to train a new generation of anti-imperialist radical intellectuals. Last semester during the Fall of 2012, we held two […]

OUT NOW: Seize the Time #3

Click on the imagine to download the latest issue of Seize the Time!

HoChiMinh May 11

Printable PDF: After Sorrow Comes Joy

After Sorrow Comes Joy [May 1st, 2012] Contents: Understanding the Coup In Mali Betty Friedan and Simone de Beauvoir’s Conflicting Ideas on Women’s Empowerment Death Squad Coordinator Robert Ford Keynotes Amnesty International Annual Meeting No justice for Trayvon Martin under this system On the Kony 2012 campaign, Afghanistan Massacre, and the Double Standards of Human […]

Massacre of the El-Hamedi Family

Beginning in February 2011, a tragedy befall Libya after the United Stated launched covert and overt operations to overthrow the ‘Jamahiriya’ government led by Muammar Gaddafi. Too often, it is easy to focus on the larger picture and ignore the individual human tragedy resulting from imperialist militarism. With this in mind, we present the testimony […]

Seize the Time, Issue 2

Seize the Time #2

PDF: Beyond Bollywood, ‘Development’ and People’s Resistance in India

In support of the Indian people’s struggle against imperialism and in preparation for the International Week of Solidarity With the Indian People (April 2nd-9th), RAIM is releasing this PDF with basic information. Contents: Operation Green Hunt, The People’s Struggle in India and the International Campaign (the International Campaign Against War on the People in India) […]

Seize The Time # 1

Seize The Time #1


The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement has long promoted the document ‘Long Live the Victory of People’s War’ by Lin Biao as a historic example of revolutionary Third World unity in the face of imperialism. Recently, the LLCO has uncovered a Spanish translation. The entire document can be found here in Spanish and here in English. Chapter […]

RAIM Global Digest Volume 2, Issue 6

RAIM Digest Volume 2, Issue 6

RAIM Global Digest Volume 2, Issue 5

Raim Global Digest: Volume 2, Issue 5 Contents: Obama Sends Special Forces to 75 Countries, Up from 60 Last Year (RAIM-Denver) Israel Commits Massacre on Freedom Flotilla to Gaza (RAIM-Denver) Noam Chomsky “Denied Entry” Into Israel (Monkey Smashes Heaven) Corruption Skyrockets in Afghanistan (RAIM-Denver) UC-Irvine Moves to Suspend Muslim Students Union (RAIM-Denver) Obama Signs “Toughest […]

RAIM Global Digest Vol. 2 Issue 4

RAIM Global Digest Vol. 2 Issue 4 Contents: -RAIM Seattle Drives Away Crackers from Mayday -Mayday 2010 Denver -RAIM Protests Teaklanners and Amerikkka -Arizona SB1070, the Continuing War Against the Mexicano People -Big Majority of Amerikans Support Racist Arizona Law -On the Upcoming Election in the Philippines -Pigs Kill Aiyana Jones While Being Recorded for […]

RAIM Global Digest Issue 3, Vol. 2

RAIM Global Digest, Vol 2, Issue 3

RAIM Global Digest Volume 2, Issue 2

RAIM Global Digest Vol 2; Issue 2 Contents: -In India, forests grow with Naxalite peoples war [cover] -RAIM-Seattle on the WTO 10 -year anniversary [cover] -Net-exploitation by the numbers (hypothetically) -IDF arrests peaceful resistance organizers in West Bank -Amerika “disappears” migrants into secret detention facilities -Movie review: Avatar [by Monkey Smashes Heaven] -Earthquake strikes Haiti; […]


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