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May-Day-Russia May 01

May Day 2014: Celebrate the Struggle Everyday

UPDATE: On May Day 2014, the CPI(ML) Naxalbari and the CPI(Maoist) merged into a new party that will be known as the CPI(Maoist). The unified Party will be adopting Marxism-Leninism-Maoism as its guiding ideology. International Workers’ Day has come and with it all of the controversy which permeates the bourgeois media. The origins, intentions, and representation […]

antifa-red-and-black September 21

Emergency Action: NSM Setting up Nazi Town in Rural United States

Attention: The small town of Leith, North Dakota in the upper midwest United States is in crisis. The National Socialist Movement (NSM) has material intent to take over their town and county government to establish a neo-Nazi community. At a population of only twenty-four people the nazis will find it easy to take over local […]

292353_434180703291947_615857663_n September 20

Denver: Communism Study Group

COMMUNISM. It is often thrown around rhetorically, barely touched upon in the mainstream, and disabused by much of the nominal left. Its history is one of the most misunderstood, and its theoretical and practical leaders the most mis-characterized and demonized. In an era when social convention is unraveling at the seams, when conflict is re-emerging […]

5594_148760388647534_2129788908_n June 23

Denver: ‘Red Ant Dream’ documentary film screening

Who are the Naxalites? Red Ant Dream traces the origins and modern struggles of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), the organization behind today’s largest armed Marxist guerrilla movement. Out of view of the Western mainstream, the CPI(Maoist) has been waging a decades long conflict to defend India’s Adivasis and the natural environment against the […]

Asia_Red_Guardssm_500 June 18

Denver: Radical Summer School, July 3rd – Aug 21st [Updated]

From Denver Comrades: Radical Summer School [Updated times and dates!!] Join us for Radical Summer School, a series of lectures, presentations, and workshops on issues of importance for social justice activists, national liberationists, and radicals. Meetings are Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7pm at the RBEco House in Denver (contact Nick B for directions) and feature […]

th_PanAfricanismMedalion May 22

Red Salute for African Liberation Day

May 25th, this Saturday, is African Liberation Day. Events to mark the occasion are being held around the globe, including many in occupied North America. Building on the legacy of 20th century national liberation struggles, African Liberation Day seeks to advance the struggle against neo-colonialism and an imperialist system which continues to pillage Africa. A full account […]

r-FASTFOOD-WORKERS-large570 May 21

Report from St. Louis Fast Food Workers Rally

A coalition of labor, community, and religious organizations are organizing fast food workers in the u.$. In April, New York and Chicago saw the walk outs at fast food places such as McDonald’s and other such restaurants. This month St. Louis and Detroit were the target. First world labor unions representing the petty-bourgeoisie have lost […]

CAD-handbill April 26

Denver: Saturday, April 27th (Tomorrow): Rally Against Drones

People concerned with justice will be gathering on Saturday, April 27th at noon on the west steps of the State Capitol Building to protest the increasing use of drones (UAVs) in wars and surveillance. No one in RAIM was involved in organizing this event, but we certainly support the development of a widespread anti-drone movement.

artosjflyeri April 26

May 7th in Denver, Co: ‘Third Worldism: A Marxist Approach to Global Disparity’ at the Art of Social Justice Conference

Nikolai Brown will be presenting on the topic of Third Worldist analysis of political economy during the 2nd annual Art of Social Justice Conference at the Auraria Campus in Denver, Co. The presentation is scheduled to take place at 9:30 a.m. in room 542 of the Tivoli Student Union building. The conference is free and […]

Saturday April 13th in St. Louis: Protest U.S. Drones

PROTEST: U.S. Drones out of Africa and Everywhere St. Louis March and Rally at Soldier’s Memorial (1315 Chestnut) Saturday, April 2013 *Meet at 12 noon* *1:00 pm march to Robert young federal building (1222 Spruce)* *meet and greet St. Louis Cardinal fans on their way to the game* From the flyer: The targeting of Africa […]

Rally for Bradley Manning in Denver

From Bradley Manning Support Network: 1000 days too many! Free Bradley Manning Protest Rally on Feb 23rd this day marks 1000 days of Bradley Mannings wrongful imprisonment! Come together with us in downtown Denver to show that “We the people” will not stand for this extreme injustice. This will be a fun informative family friendly […]

cultural_revolution December 25

Beginning January 14th: Winter Semester of People’s Liberation University.

People’s Liberation University will be launching its winter semester on January 14th, 2013. All genuine groups and individuals are welcome to participate. People’s Liberation University promotes an environment of critical inquiry and radical discussion and aims to train a new generation of anti-imperialist radical intellectuals. Last semester during the Fall of 2012, we held two […]

Make October a Month of Anti-Imperialist Resistance

Depending on where you are, October marks the beginning of Autumn or Spring, in which the old dies with the receding sun or new life awakens after the cold of Winter. There could be no better metaphor for our goal: that of destroying an old world structured along the lines of capitalist-imperialism and germinating a […]

March for a Martyr: In Memory of Ricardo Falcón

Ricardo Falcón was a promising leader who organized students and community members during the Chicano/a movement. He was a popular activist in Colorado committed to social justice. In August of 1972, he was murdered in Orogrande, New Mexico while traveling to a meeting held in El Paso, Texas. He was shot and killed by a […]

562900_409506592431030_1476969126_n August 07

March for a Martyr, commemorate 40 years since the killing of Ricardo Falcón

Ricardo Falcón was a promising young leader who organized students and community members during the Chicano/a movement. He was a popular activist in Colorado committed to social justice. In August of 1972, he was murdered in Orogrande, New Mexico while traveling to a meeting held in El Paso, Texas. Falcón was shot and killed by a right-wing vigilante named Perry Brunson, who was acquitted by an all white jury.

7177729 August 04

Anti-Imperialist God-Dammitry Live In Seattle Aug 4th.

Sensei Gregory C. Lewis and Jacob ‘the Jacobin’ Brown are recording their revolutionary anti-imperialist All Power to The Positive! podcast live, August 4th from 7-9pm at the Wildcat Space in Seattle, Washington.

Mexican National Liberation Events in Denver

Beyond Chicanismo presents: Cointelpro101 (Film screening following by panel discussion with Ricardo Romero, Priscilla Falcón, Francisco “Kiko” Martinez.) Monday, April 16th, 11am-2pm St. Cajetan’s at Auraria Campus and Resistencia Mexicana teach-in: “Mexican liberation through decolonial education” Thursday, April 20th, 6pm Sisters of Color United for Education (2895 W. 8th Ave, Denver)

A Note On Occupy Wall Street

Recently a broad First Worldist movement has cropped up in the US and elsewhere, describing itself as the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ or ‘Occupy Together Movement’ (OWS). There has already been a lot of writing about it from the established First Worldist ‘left’, most of which glorifies the movement along with its potential to be transformed […]

Kolumbus Day Parade Protest 2011

Transform Columbus Day (TCD) is calling for a protest of the annual occupier celebration of genocide that occurs yearly in Denver. From flyer put out by the Transform Columbus Day Alliance and the American Indian Movement of Colorado: Saturday, October 8th, 2011 Assemble at 9:00am Lincoln Park area, between Lincoln and Broadway/Colfax and 14th Street, […]

Protest Obama in Denver, This Tuesday

Just as one war criminal, Alberto Gonzalez, came to Denver and left, this Tuesday the War Criminal in Chief, Barack Obama will be in Denver.  Obama is in Denver to stump for his jobs bill and ultimately his reelection.There are also planned protests from anti-war activists.  From a posting circulating on Facebook: “Obama will be […]


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