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2012 Web Report


2012 was mildly successful year for in terms of global reach, readership, and new cadre development.

Over the course of the year, web traffic has gone up. In 2012 we received 47,248 page views compared to 30,412 the year before, a 55% increase. November saw a record number of page views over the course of the month, 5,860, or nearly 200 page views per day. On January 6th we receive 609 views for a story we broke on Amnesty International nixing a ‘human rights heroes’ online poll after Muammar Qaddafi came in the lead and set a record for single day page views at 735.

Of the 47,248 page views in 2012, 15,300 have been hits on the home page.

For every unique visitor, there are approximately two page views.

Search engines and social network sites drove a substantial portion of traffic to our website.

Most of our readers are in United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. However, daily traffic comes from the Philippines, Poland, India, Germany, Spain, Bermuda, and France, in addition to Africa and the Middle East.

To give you a picture of the relative readership of compared to other websites, here are the global traffic rankings for the previous three months from 245,042 570,659 816,572 939.979 2,791,109 3,054,164 3,560,133 5,218,096

As you can see, we are hardly ahead of the pack in terms of readership, but we not at the tail either.

In addition to our reach through, in 2012 the People’s Liberation University was launched as an educational and study group forum. In early 2013 r/peoplesliberation, a public Third Worldist forum, was created.

Also significant in 2012 was two publications. The first and most important is Zak Cope’s Divided World Divided Class, an academic work published through Kersplebledeb which encapsulates many Third Worldist ideas. Second is the publication of a lost chapter of Monopoly Capital in the summer issue of ‘Monthly Review.’ It is not Third Worldist per say, but the idea presented on surplus (as distinct from surplus value), add another dimension of understanding which fundamentally supports the Third Worldist, i.e. communist, line on global class.

In 2012 we added 122 new posts. As of January 26th we have 328 posts in 123 categories.


We see the work we do through as part of one central aspect of communism: the struggle against First World chauvinism and a slavish attitude towards imperialism in worker’s and popular movements. Advancing on Marx and Lenin, we believe this struggle against First Worldism is of universal significance for proletarian revolutionary movements.

Thus, on one hand, we should measure our success not by how many page views we get but by the level of discussion and awareness in generates elsewhere. Secondly, we should measure our success not primarily by the quantity of posts but by their quality. In this case, we again have been mildly success by contributing a number of original posts on current events 1 2 3 4 5, history 1 2 3, and political economy 1 2 3. Additionally, several new people have independently entered the fold and begun studying and promoting Third Worldist communism.


Specifically for, some basic tasks for 2013 amount to continuing what we’ve done good so far:

– Posting original content on under-reported news, history, and theory from a revolutionary anti-imperialist.

– Reposting appropriate content which is of interest to the readership; maintain fresh content which appeals to readership and suits our political goals.

– Publicize, it allies, and its projects through social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

Some things we need help with include:

– Making our materials available in printable PDF magazine form, as well as video production and graphic design applications.

– Keep the submissions coming. We end up posting about half of what we receive. Given that most of what is posted here is words, writers are essential.

– Promoting and discussing and Third Worldism in social media and real-life forums.

– Organizing study groups and activist cells.

– Establishment of additional independent projects.


Pay attention to r/peoplesliberation. As of yet, it is the best forum and social media site for sharing info about and discussing Third Worldist communism, national liberation, and people’s war. It is still in a critical early phase of development, so we urge comrades to continue contributing in the form of postings, links, and comments. Hopefully in 2013, this will become a hub for discussion and a focal point for disseminating Third Worldist ideas on a much wider basis.

Antonio Moreno is taking over the primary editor responsibilities of this website. This will both free myself to write in longer form and allow Antonio to bring h own thought on revolutionary anti-imperialism to the forefront of I look forward to the direction and original contributions h will make.

Also in early 2013, I will be releasing a short volume with the working title Third Worldism: Marxist Critique of Imperialist Political Economy. Using previous posts from as drafts, I’ve re-edited them and added new material and charts to demonstrate original, yet firmly Marxist concepts in support of the general Third Worldist line. It will be available soon for peer review.

Lastly, is hardly the potential bounds of revolutionary theory and practice. Rather, we aim to promote and contribute to a much broader movement. For this reason, what comes of 2013 will depend on our supporters and allies, to what degree they press forward in unfavorable conditions and contribute to the communist goal of fighting First Worldism and supporting internationalism.

-Nikolai Brown