New Third Worldist Webforum: R/peoplesliberation



Today is the opening day of the second semester of People’s Liberation University, a series of local and online study groups initiated by comrades associated with

Along with the re-opening of PLU, we are pleased to announce that we creating an ‘open campus’ environment where anyone (with some obvious qualifications) can participate.

The new subreddit, r/peoplesliberation, is now open to the public and can be fully accessed by anyone with a reddit account. This is the first Third Worldist public forum since It’s Right to Rebel. It is moderated according to basic security principles and to promote critical discussion and information regarding political economy, revolutionary strategy, public news on national liberation and people’s war, and history from the perspective of the oppressed.

Participation is open, including for those who might not consider themselves Third Worldists yet uphold minimal principles. As the forum is viewable to the public, we aim to promote the highest caliber of discussion, information, and education.

For those who have been following, check out, participate in, and promote this new project: r/peoplesliberation.