Beginning January 14th: Winter Semester of People’s Liberation University.


People’s Liberation University will be launching its winter semester on January 14th, 2013. All genuine groups and individuals are welcome to participate.

People’s Liberation University promotes an environment of critical inquiry and radical discussion and aims to train a new generation of anti-imperialist radical intellectuals. Last semester during the Fall of 2012, we held two courses, Marxist Political Economy 101 and 3200, and studied classic works by Marx and Mao and contemporary ones by Pierre Jalée and Immanuel Wallerstein.

Our focuses this semester are feminism, global class, national liberation, and neo-colonialism. These are encapsulated in two survey courses, ‘National Liberation 101′ and ‘Proletarian Feminism 101.’

An online section of these courses is being hosted at Face-to-face discussion groups are being organized in Denver, Co, and we encourage comrades elsewhere to organize similar study groups if possible. All of the readings are available online, and have been collected into two PDF study packets (with the exception of ‘Philosophical Trends in the Feminist Movement,’ which is available as a separate PDF).

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Winter 2013 Syllabus

National Liberation 101 Study Packet

Proletarian Feminism 101 Study Packet

Philosophical Trends in the Feminist Movement