RAIM Draft 12 Point Program

The Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement (RAIM) is a network of independent individuals and groups working in support of organized revolutionary struggle against capitalist-imperialism and for the creation of a society based on justice, egalitarianism, and ecological congruence.

12 Point Program:

What we believe:

1) Under the current capitalist-imperialist system, a majority of humanity located primarily in the peripheral Third World is ground down and exploited under the weight of a minority of imperialist-led classes which are numerically dominant in core-zone First World economies. The contradiction between the masses exploited by imperialism and the minority of classes which benefit from imperialism is primary today.

2) The masses of the First World are typically net-exploiters whose incomes are above the value they create. This is accomplished primarily through imperialist exploitation of Third World peoples. Such ‘wages of imperialism’ have the economic function of saturating wealth in First World core-zone economies and an ideological function of transforming the masses in these economies into agents of global oppression and capitalist-imperialism.

3) Understanding class dynamics is essential to Marxism as a revolutionary science. The formation, relation, and reproduction of classes is not some passing question, but has far-reaching implications for those who want social revolution. Whether or not one has a correct view of modern classes is a key indicator of whether or not they are a genuine Communist.

4) Imperialism is decadent capitalism which both sustains itself through the ongoing exploitation of the Third World-centered proletariat and sets itself against the long-term interests of humanity. Opulence, security, and stability for a few exist against a backdrop of endemic poverty, massive disruption of natural environmental metabolic processes, growing militarism, and increased waste. This contradiction can only lead to the increased formalized oppression of the world’s masses or socialist revolution against capitalist-imperialism.

5) Revolution is not a straight line. Following socialist revolution, the potential exists for the emergence of a new bourgeoisie which will use positions of authority to seize power, halt class struggle, and reconcile with imperialism as a new local ruling class within the world-system. This trend must be checked by the continuation of class struggle under socialism until capitalist-imperialism has been defeated and communism is built.

6) Communism is the eradication of all forms of oppression and the development of a society without a state as an instrument of oppression, in which each person works according to their ability and receives according to their need. Under communism, the creative and productive spirit of individuals and society is unleashed, and people will no longer live or view themselves in direct contradiction to each other or the natural world.

What we want:

7) We want revolution now not later. We want a qualitative change in social and economic relations on a world-scale that creates the potential for further revolutionary struggles. We support efforts at building a proletarian-led united front against imperialism which culminates in global new democratic revolution and opens the door for continuing the revolution through socialism to communism.

8) We want national liberation. We want the dismemberment of imperialist countries through national liberation and self-determination of oppressed nations. We support efforts by oppressed nations to exert sovereignty against imperialist oppressor nations.

9) We want the emancipation of women. We want a stop to the use of women’s bodies as commodities, as a holder of cheap labor-power, and by its refashioning for the purposes of economic circulation. We support the participation and leadership of women in proletarian struggles for anti-imperialist, socialist, and communist revolutions towards the end of eradicating patriarchy.

10) We want class traitors. We want individual members of exploiter classes to side with the world’s exploited masses. We want class suicide: abandoning the comforts of the petty-bourgeois path laid before us, instead enthusiastically trekking down the arduous road of struggle alongside the proletariat. We want people who are willing to eschew norms to organize and work for revolution; who forsake their own class for a better future for humanity at large.

11) We want politics in command. We want to rectify Marxism on the solid grounds of the aforementioned understandings class dynamics of capitalist-imperialism. Without correct revolutionary theory there can be no correct revolutionary practice.

12) We want revolutionary organizations. Revolutionary forces must not remain scattered in their aims and activities. Rather, it is necessary to mobilize the proletariat and its allies within organizations with strategies to overthrow reactionaries and seize power.