J. Sakai Audio Interview with KPFT Pacifica Radio

We have long promoted and distributed certain works of J. Sakai as essential reading for revolutionary anti-imperialists, especially Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat.   Its uncompromising look at Amerikan history as one of oppression of captive nations is a sharp contrast to the left patriotism of Howard Zinn, as a previous review by Nick Brown has shown.  As advocates and organizers for Chicano/Mexicano national liberation, we helped distribute the transcripts of the 2003 interview of Sakai by Ernesto Aguilar titled Stolen at Gunpoint, in electronic and pamphlet form for wider educational distribution.   The Wind From the East blog recently found the original audio of that interview.  Check it out.

From the link:

Interview with J. Sakai was conducted June 17, 2003 on KPFT Pacifica Radio. Sakai is author of “Settlers: Mythology of the White Proletariat” as well as many articles on race, class and radical politics. The transcript of this audio became the pamphlet, “Stolen At Gunpoint: Interview with J. Sakai On the Chicano-Mexicano National Question,” but the audio is being offered for those interested to hear Sakai in his own words.