Introducing The People’s Liberation University

This month marks the launch of the People’s Liberation University, an ongoing study group project aimed at accelerating political development, creating a space for collaborative initiatives, and developing an environment for critical discourse within the international revolutionary anti-imperialist community.

In part, the People’s Liberation University will feature ongoing study group courses. We aim to make these as interactive as possible, and the hybrid format for these courses will include responses to readings and discussions on our online webforum, live online discussions via webcam, and face-to-face meetings in certain areas.

The first semester of the People’s Liberation University will feature two courses: Marxist Political Economy 101 and 3200. Marxist Political Economy 101 will focus on a close reading of the Marx and Engles’ Communist Manifesto and Mao’s Analysis of the Classes in Chinese Society and will introduce basic topics such as class struggle, exploitation, capitalism, socialism, etc; while 3200 will delve much deeper into classical Marxist political economy- Marx’s own critique of capitalism and its implications- and contemporary trends in historical materialist thought. Possibilities for topics for future courses include the Chinese revolution and Maoist theory; neo-colonialism; further readings into Marxist political economy; and the Chicano/Mexicano question in the United States, to name a few.

Both courses for the Fall 2012 semester begin on September 3rd and run through September 28th and October 19th respectively.

Part of the vision and goal for People’s Liberation University is to create a critical yet supportive environment for discourse regarding global class struggle, particularly as it relates to the struggle against imperialism and forward-looking socialism. Discussion beyond the text at hand will not only be encouraged but will be an integral part of this project. Additionally, we will be inviting alumni to participate in deeper ways, both through developing future curriculum and continuing independent intellectual work, or through other pursuits they see fit. Currently we invite all interested individuals to participate at the People’s Liberation University, to not only learn but to share their knowledge and expertise as well.

Registration for the People’s Liberation University is now open. To sign up, go to The University is private, i.e. not viewable to the public, but anyone can apply. Once accepted, you’ll be able to introduce yourself, start discussions, and participate in one or more of the courses.

With the world thrown into disarray by financial ‘crises’ and social upheaval, now more than ever a political culture of critical revolutionary anti-imperialism is needed. Despite the inherent flaws in the capitalist-imperialist system, revolutionary solutions will not drop out of the sky. They instead come through the conscious determined efforts of people over a long period. Sign up to study at the People’s Liberation University and be part of a larger movement to redefine and revolutionize the world as we know it.