After Qaddafi Comes in the Lead, Amnesty International Pulls Online Poll On Human Rights Heroes

During the past weeks, and other websites mobilized their readers to vote for Muammar Qaddafi in Amnesty International’s Human Rights Heroes online poll. Having successfully brought Muammar Qaddafi to the lead in Amnesty International’s poll, the poll was closed a month early to prevent further exposure of the international support for the former Libyan leader murdered during a US-sponsored uprising.

Charity and liberal support, such as embodied by Amnesty International, is always problematic in that it dulls the discontent and stifles mobilization for real revolutionary solutions to social problems.

In the case of Amnesty International however, it plays an active role in abetting US domination of the globe. Though it may feign opposition to US policy, its main criticism are always directed towards the opponents of US policy or those somewhat independent of US influence. When an online poll, hardly a scientific measure of anything, threatens to highlight the positive role played by a target of US aggression, Amnesty International closes the poll to maintain US imperialism’s narrative on the matter.

The issue at hand is not Muammar Qaddafi’s merits as a ‘Human Right’s Hero,’ but rather the role played by Amnesty International. Rather than exposing and ending human rights abuses as it claims, Amnesty International is an institution in service to the system of capitalism-imperialism, one of perpetual human rights abuses. Amnesty International offers a kind of half-hearted criticism of the US so as to maintain some appearance of independence, when in reality it wholly functions to further enable the existence of capitalist social relations, primarily that dominated over by US-led imperialism, and the militarism necessary to maintain them.

Nick Brown