Protest Obama in Denver, This Tuesday

Just as one war criminal, Alberto Gonzalez, came to Denver and left, this Tuesday the War Criminal in Chief, Barack Obama will be in Denver.  Obama is in Denver to stump for his jobs bill and ultimately his reelection.There are also planned protests from anti-war activists.  From a posting circulating on Facebook:

“Obama will be in Denver on a fundraising visit on Tuesday Sept 27th.

He will be giving a public speech outside at Abraham Lincoln High School (at South Federal and Evans) at approx 2:00pm, doors open at 11:00am.

Some of us will try to arrive at 11:00am, others are coming closer to the time of the speech between noon & 2:00 pm.

Many activists will be there to protest his policies as we did with Bush/Cheney because on many issues, Obama has continued Bush policies. On some Obama appears to have gone farther than Bush. We voted for Real Change but we got More of The Same.

-Make your own signs

-You may park in the nearby residential neighborhood

-This will be a peaceful protest

Please spread the word, invite your friends, and hope to see you there!

~anti-war activists

Of course RAIM never voted for Obama or the other imperialist running, nor had any illusions that any major shifts in policy would happen.  Those paying attention would not be surprised that alas, Obama has and always was, an imperialist.  Nevertheless those sucked up in Obamania, whether in the U.S. or outside of it, should be onto the fact that no matter who takes the presidency of Amerika, the imperial system it was built on still goes on.

We call on any and all anti-imperialists in the Denver area to be at this protest if they are able to.   People around the world suffer, risk their lives, and even die because of U.$. war policies.  The least anyone can do here is show up with a sign.

And if you need some anti-Obomba agitation, here’s the latest track by Lowkey and guests, Obamanation 2:

Antonio Moreno